Kim’s Sketchbook

Stunning gemstones!

I’m in my studio building rings that will feature these stunning gemstones!


Lakefront’s Jewel

Golden South Sea pearl and diamond pendant.

Golden Moon collection

Golden Moon collection features South Sea pearls and diamond.

Take a peek at my favorite color!

I’ve only found it in natural Aquateal tourmaline, and the reefs of the Florida keys.

Here I’m featuring it in my newest collection!

Happy New Year!

Award Winning Bracelet

_DSC6859-63-65 Comb








Title: Ebb and Flow
Won: First In Category – Boston Mills Artfest

Ribbed Ring Build

Here I am in the process of fabricating a bezel for the pearl ring.
Fabrication is a construction technique in which pieces of metal, in this case, 14 karat yellow gold are hammered, bent, welded and finished into the desired shape and form needed to build the jewelry piece.
I am using the fabricated bezels in combination with carving and casting the ring, and finally various surface treatments to achieve this very natural and organic feel.

Birthday Surprise

This is a recent commission for a birthday surprise. The subtle beauty underlying the obvious is the pendulum movement. Difficult to build, but so worth the result!