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Square Shank design ring features golden beryl and diamond. Item 4698

Four Ribbed design ring with Tanzanite and diamond. Item 4682

Elongated Diamond design features Tanzanite and diamond ring. Item 4645

Day into Night design pendant feature Citrine and diamond. Item 4718

Day into Night

Stunning gemstones!

I’m in my studio building rings that will feature these stunning gemstones!


Crosshatch design ring features a cushion shape Citrine. Item 4679

Crosshatch design features a 8.82 carat cushion shape Citrine.


Hi Kim!!!!

Holy SMOKES!!! You really outdid yourself!!! I’m so in love with my new ring! I can’t stop looking at it!

Thank you SO MUCH for making the most perfect and amazing ring ever!!! 😍😍😍


Four Ribbed design ring features a blue green tourmaline and diamond. Item 4653

Imperial Topaz crafted with white and yellow gold. Item 4703

50th anniversary gift

Dear Kim
I wanted to acknowledge receipt of the beautiful ring you made and recently sized for me. It is even more beautiful than I remember.  Will had been looking for a 50th anniversary gift for me and I hadn’t seen jewelry that caught my eye so when we noticed the art/craft show in Naples we thought perhaps a painting… Then we saw your jewelry.
What a perfect reminder of our 50th celebration in Naples.  Thank you and your wife.

Golden Moon design with golden South Sea pearl and diamond. Item 4639

Wave design features golden South Sea pearl. Item 4623